Five minute fix – Greasing points

Bertie Simmonds
April 26, 2017

If your bike has grease nipples use them; if it doesn’t, investigate if they can be retro-fitted. Pivot points on suspension systems need a regular supply of fresh, clean grease. Decades of dust, seasons of salt and weeks of water do nothing for shafts and bearings contained within. Seized suspension linkages and swinging spindles are the most vexatious of devices to remove. It’s entirely possible to irreparably damage major parts of any motorcycle driving out seized examples. Select a smaller gun and always use a quality grease. Clean the grease nipple, attach the grease gun, then pump away until clean grease appears beyond seals… sorted for another 4000 miles.

Good nipples can be hard to find…

Grease guns are well worth a shot!

Words/photos: Steve Cooper

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