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Sam Hewitt
July 19, 2019

Hope you like my 350LC, which I have owned and ridden for 23 years,” says Andrew Bednall of his Yamaha RD350LC. “It’s got an interesting history. The last owner was a bike racer named Thomas Drury, who raced for Yamaha in the 1982 350 British Grand Prix.”

“He was given the bike as a present from Mitsui Yamaha on December 1, 1981 as a thank you for competing in the Pro Am series. Apparently he was a friend of the late, great Barry Sheene. I would love to know if Niall Mackenzie might be able to shed any light on any of this, or if you could tell me anything about Tom Drury’s racing career.”

Anyway, I ride the bike all the time and enjoy doing track days at my local circuit which is Darley Moor. This bike is definitely a keeper and here is to the next 23 years of happy riding!”

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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt is the Digital Content Editor at Mortons Media Group.


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