Shannon Butcher
November 5, 2019

Dan and Nigel Pettitt’s Honda VFR750s bring back plenty of nostalgia!

“My dad has had a huge influence on my passion for motorbikes, introducing me to road racing at Oliver’s Mount back in the early 1990s. I’ll never forget the iconic sounds of Ducati 916s and Honda RC30s on the back straight!”

“We gradually got involved in trials riding with a TY80 and a Bultaco Sherpa 325, which we had hours of fun tinkering with! We both still ride trials to this day. However, the one thing that stuck in my childhood memories was riding pillion on the back of my dad’s 1992 Honda VFR 750F (J28 AUG). We’d love to find that bike!”

“We continued trials riding; my dad had a Honda SP1 and (at 37) I took my test! And yes – I bought a VFR! My dad rang up one day all excited, saying he’d found me a bike on eBay.”

“We tinkered with the bike and it is on the road and doing well. As a result, my dad regained the VFR bug and is the proud owner of two! One has a paint job in the style of an RC45, the other an RC30.”

“The RC30-rep was bought as a project when my dad was going through a very difficult time and helped him through it. It’s a great-looking bike. He did the paint himself and it has a cool left-exit exhaust system. The bike puts a smile on both our faces when he takes it out for a blast!”

“We have had some great rides out and the old VFRs always turn heads; we can’t think of a modern bike we’d rather own. Two of my best mates have also opted for 90s sports bikes, riding a Honda CBR600 and a Kawasaki ZX-6R.”

“In my opinion these old 90s bikes have brought two generations together, provided a focus during difficult times, and continue to provide hours of fun all on such a relatively small budget. Keep up the excellent work with the magazine! Thanks for inspiring us!”

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