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August 31, 2015

If you fancy fettling your classic motorcycle then we've got exhaust pipes, gasket sets, traditional tyres, Whitworth spanners and some snug clothing ... just in time to keep the autumn chills at bay!...

Atlas Gaskets

British Bike Connection, based in Rochester NY in the USA, offer a whopping range of spares for British bikes, and have recently added genuine Norton gasket sets for Atlas twins to their stocks. The complete Atlas set includes the flame-ring head gasket and costs $46 complete, and if you're over-hauling your gearbox as well then don't forget to order the Norton gearbox gasket set as well. It comes with all seals for $11.95. Both from 001 585-288-4546 or see

Cut a Slash-Cut Dash!

Owners of 750 Triumph twins can ride on the wild side (well, the slightly risqué side at any rate) with the new slash cut dragster exhaust pipes from the Bonneville Shop at The pipes fit T140s and TR7s and can be slotted on to your machine in a few minutes using the original mountings (although if you have a 1973 to '78 model with push-in pipes then you'll need an adaptor). 'Throw away your silencers along with the rule book!' says the blurb, for £145 plus delivery. And if your neighbours don't already hate you, try revving up nice an early on a Sunday morning...

Slash... T140s and TR7 Slash-Cut Pipes

Dash... T160 Ray-Gun Silencers
Triumph Tridents on

Shoot to Thrill

LP Williams, who specialise in spare parts for Triumph and BSA triples, are taking orders now for 'ray-gun' silencers to suit T160 Tridents. Although ray-guns have been available for the Rocket 3 recently, T160 owners have been deprived of the pleasure of fitting these swoopy, visually striking silencers to their 750s. The silencers come with a fitting kit and will fit straight onto the standard collector box and silencer mount. Each pipe costs £107.50 plus VAT each (you need to order a pair). Quote part numbers 70-9036a/7a and call 01524 770956 or see

Tyred & Emotional

The VMCC is famous for organising excellent events and maintaining one of the most comprehensive motorcycle archives in the world, but the club also supplies spare parts and consumable components to help keep classic bikes on the road. Among the items you'll find in the VMCC Shop are the Ensign range of tyres which was developed to provide a competitively priced, period-style beaded-edge tyre and tube. The VMCC can also supply tyres to fit most makes and models of classic/vintage machines and has sourced a supply for Dunlop beaded-edge tyres on special order. You can browse their full range of tyre and wheel services at tyres.asp?cat=18

A tyre, yesterday,

Triumph Spares Refreshed

The online catalogue for Tri-Supply, who provide good quality components for pre-unit and units twins, has recently been overhauled and updated. You can see the catalogue online at or call 01404 47001 to request a printed version, covering models from 1946 to 1970.

Reflected Glory

It's not always easy to swivel your head through 180-degrees while riding and some handlebar mirrors not only make objects appear closer (or further away) but they also make 'em appear to be phasing in and out of existence, as if Scotty hasn't quite engaged the transporter properly. No doubt it's something to do with riding old bikes that have a tendency to thrum and judder. It's probably not your eyeballs... we hope!

The 'Napoleon' bar-end mirror solves the problem. Supplied with its own allen key to lock up the unique rubber, anti-vibration mounting inside your 18mm handlebars, the mirror is easily and very firmly mounted. Even the rumblings of Mike Powell's T-Bird (not the smoothest runner on the RC fleet!) failed to distort the large, clear image of following vehicles. You'll be impressed by the general high quality and finish, and the period 'desmo' like design of the mirror head is very suitable for older bikes. These mirrors cost £18 and are available in chrome or black finish from

Spurred on by success in the Mirror Dept, the same people have now sourced Whitworth spanner sets which retail at a very reasonable price. Whitworth spanners can be hard to find and are often expensive. These spanners are decent quality and made of heat-treated, chrome-plated drop forged carbon steel, but they still retail at a sensible price. The spanners pack away into a tidy plastic wallet so you can easily carry them with you on the bike. Info at:

Drawers (left) and Mirror Keis bodywarmer (left) and 'Napoleon' bar-end mirror

Winter Drawers On!

There's always an excuse for using that particular headline at this time of year, and this autumn Motorworks have supplied the perfect reason for a bad pun in the shape of their heated clothing. Although the Keis items we found is a waistcoat, not a set of pants, so the joke falls a little flat...

Anyway, the Keis bodywarmer runs on 12v, and is normally powered by a small battery pack which fits in your pocket although you can plug it into your bike's system if (1) your motorcycle is young enough have sufficient sparks to keep the home fires burning and (2) you're going on a longer trip. The beauty of the Keis system is that you don't have to be attached to your machine to stay snug and warm, so you can wander around the winter jumbles in a blissfully balmy micro-climate. There are five heat settings (lukewarm to scorchio?) and batteries last up to five hours or so. The waistcoat comes in several sizes and costs just under 90 quid from Motorworks.

If you don't want to spend that much then the heated kidney belt, at around £30, sounds like an excellent deal - especially as Motorworks are throwing in a free temperature regulator as part of the price...

Carb Saga?

If you're having any trouble setting up your carbs then Neville at Surrey Cycles would be delighted to help you. A lifelong motorcyclist with a scarily comprehensive knowledge of old Brit bikes, Neville carries a broad stock of Amal carbs to suit most popular models including the MKI Concentric, MKII Concentric, MKII Concentric Smoothbore, Monobloc 376 and 389, pre-Monobloc model 276, GP3 & Matchbox Float Chamber, 10 TT9 and even ones to run on alcohol if you're really on a quest for top speed! Plus Surrey Cycles will set up your carb to suit your exact machine if you give them the year and model details. See

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