Sam Hewitt
December 16, 2020

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Words and Pics: Tim Britton

1: Our panel said…
…well, nothing actually because the panels in this case are side panels for CZ MXers. Cast your mind back to our cover bike last issue, John Fleming’s CZ, it bristled with special bits and pieces including superb aluminium side panels made by Norrie Pattie’s fabricator at 3L Road and Race. They’re designed to fit the frame used in John’s bike and complement the airbox we featured last issue.

What are they?: Sidepanels for a CZ MXer just like John Fleming’s.
Where d’you get them? They’re from 3L Road and Race on 07980 290898

2: Gear selector

One issue CZs have is the length of travel on the gear lever when trying to swap cogs. It can be a bit inconvenient to say the least in the cut and thrust of an MX race. While a bolt-on linkage system shortens the travel, Norrie at 3L does a modification to the internal gear selector which, allied with an external linkage, brings the gear change into the realms of equivalent Japanese machines. Saves missed gears, damaged ‘boxes and lost races.

What is it? It’s a CZ gear selector mod.
Where d’you get them? They’re from 3L Road and Race on 07980 290898

3: Exhaustive testing

A lot of two-stroke engine prepping involves stopping air or gas from entering or exiting where it shouldn’t. The more closely the gasses flow to the ideal drawn by the designer, the better the engine will work. For most of us it is a case of following the manual and doing what the factory suggest to ensure the seals and whatnot are as close to the instructions in the handbook. There are of course those who can make alterations and improvements to keeping the gas flow going the way it should and a CZ exhaust port is one such area. After years of use heating up and cooling down the cast an adaptor doesn’t seal as well as it should. This mod sorts all that by modifying the barrel and allowing the previously fixed tube to be replaced.

What is it? It’s a CZ exhaust port stub mod to help exhaust sealing.
Where d’you get them? They’re from 3L Road and Race on 07980 290898

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