Crimbo Quiz - Answers to True or False

August 31, 2015

55/ AMC designer Bill Cakebread joined the Institute of Patentees and Inventors, but after doing so refused to add the initials to his name.

Answer: True. the initials used were M.Inst.P.I. which meant his name would have read Bill Cakebread Minced Pie.

56/ Suzuki have never won a moto GP race.

Answer: False, Vermeulan in France 2007.

57/ Ducati were the first to employ desmodromic valves in a race engine.

Answer: False, Mercedes 1954 F1 car had them, Ducati’s first desmo engine came in 1956

58/ The Honda Fireblade is the most stolen bike in the UK

Answer: False. The R1 is (according to Carole Nash)

59/ Emst Degner stole Suzuki’s engineering secrets to give to the communists to enable MZ to build competitive bikes in the 1960s

False, it was the other way round.

60/ Canadian children’s author Michelle Duff is also a grand prix championship runner-up

Answer: True, competing as Mike Duff she was 2nd in the 1965 World Championship


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