BMW Airhead Twins – The Complete Story

Nigel Devereux
May 17, 2020

by Phil West

When the publishers first told me there was yet another book on BMW airheads coming out, my first thought was: ‘ Oh great, another book on BMWs no one wants’. There’s just too many.

However, I was wrong. You see I knew this one was worth a read, as I had the pleasure of working with the author, Phil West, years ago and, while often aloof or downright miserable-looking, Phil always knew his facts and always researched his features thoroughly.

If you like BMWs or the story behind this fascinating company, it’s a great read.

I only really like the R100RS, but the prewar racers, its near collapse and the way the company tended to look at things differently means this is a very interesting read, and well worth the £25.

■■ £25

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