The way we were: July 1963

Richard Rosenthal
June 13, 2013

While many rode large capacity motorcycles a handful completed the event on tiddlers including Excelsior Autocycles, Honda 50s, Bantams and Raleigh Roma Scooters. A total of 493 riders completed the event of which 345 earned Gold Plaques by scoring maximum points.

Having built a neat 242cc water-cooled British Anzani twin powered special, David Blanchard, a 32-year-old technical writer from Bexhill, decided he needed a two-stroke triple special. David settled on installing a 492cc Excelsior two-stroke three cylinder engine complete with Siba Dynastart, intended for a Berkley three-wheeler, into a 1953 EMC frame.

Seven inch diameter brakes were fitted to both wheels and a Clamil sprung hub took care of rear suspension while a telescopic front fork served the front wheel. Motor Cycle staff man David Dixon discovered the special with a potential of 85mph could pull away smoothly from 10mph in top gear and accelerated briskly.

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