The way we were: December 1912

Richard Rosenthal
October 29, 2012
Cartoon showed machine gun in action...

Weighing only 16lb (7kg) and capable of firing 220 rounds per minute, the Laird-Menteyene machine gun seemed ideal for mounting on a motorcycle but due to its magazine position and size had to be mounted high above the handlebars.

Scott and Cammell Laird hoped the War Department, which was looking at military roles for motorcycles for the expected coming war, would be impressed, but by the end of December 1912 had materialised.

Later, Scott did supply motorcycles for military roles, with an order for 300 machines delivered. History suggests 200 were outfits with armour plate shields of which the initial plan was to arm 100 with Vickers machine guns mounted on the sidecar platform, 100 without the Vickers gun, and the remaining 100 solos. At war’s end, the British forces had 411 Scotts on their books.

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