Southern classic off-road show

January 6, 2016
Out in the jumble lurked an unassuming but very original mud-master from the Matchless comp shop. This is an example of the Matchless G80CS, a shiny black bike from 1961, which looks neatly done, complete with the unusual left-side oil tank beloved of CS pilots everywhere, mounted in the comp rear subframe, of course. The asking price was around £9000.

If the event name makes it sounds as if it’s going to be nothing but dirtbikes then maybe it’s a little bit misleading, because the show hall was stuffed with around 250 motorcycles of all types.

Yes, there were plenty of mud-pluggers on display but, as you can tell from the photos, this event features all kinds of classic competition machines – road-racers and record-breakers among them – alongside a superb selection of new-wave custom classics, café racers, flat-trackers and street specials.

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