Somerset winners announced!

Paula Withers, pics Leanne Mandall
February 11, 2014

With some of the most creative trade and club stands we’ve seen in a long time, and some stunning motorcycles polished to perfection on display, it has been a real treat for the eyes.

We’re now ready to announce those who have caught the eyes of our meticulous judges this weekend.

And the winners are:

Best in Show – 1929 Sansoupape Emags 50 owned by Gaby Hunt
Most Technical Interest – 1935 HRD Cross Rotary Cross entered by ENG
Vintage (1st) – 1928 AJS K8 owned by Dave Joyce
Vintage (2nd) - 1928 Norton CS1 owned by John Stoddart
Vintage (3rd) – 1929 Magnat Debon BST owned by John Guy
Pre-War (1st) – 1933 BSA R33/4 owned by Dale Sole
Pre-War (2nd) – 1931 Ariel S.G. owned by Jim Devereux
Pre-War (3rd) – 1938 Triumph T80 owned by Trevor Gould
Post-War (1st) – 1953 Ariel KHA owned by Cyril Griffin
Post-War (2nd) – 1957 Norton Dominator owned by D Bushby
Pos-War (3rd) – 1956 Victoria Bergmeister owned by J Beddis
Continental (1st) – 1958 Ducati 175 Sport owned by Michael Bracken
Continental (2nd) – 1957 MV Augusta CS175 owned by D Flanagan
Continental (3rd) – 1969 Laverda 750S owned by H Bell
Modern (1st) – 2004 MV Augusta Rivale owned by M Russell
Modern (2nd) – 1984 Comino owned by L Parker
Modern (3rd) – Honda Goldwing owned by A Smith
Private Entry (1st) – 1936 Calthorpe Ivory Major owned by Trevor Bostock
Private Entry (2nd) – 1929 Scott owned by Stan Chappell
Private Entry (3rd) – 1939 Triumph 5T Speed Twin owned by M Bracken
Vintage Japanese (1st) – 1972 Suzuki 750 owned by P & Y Bibby
Vintage Japenese (2nd) – 1969 Suzuki T350 MK1 owned by P Cann
Vintage Japanese (3rd) – 1962 Honda GB 92 owned by D Wilkinson
Best Two-Stroke – 1955 James Captain owned by Alan Smith
Best American made Machine – 1978 Harley Davidson FLH owned by D Holden
Best Military Machine – 1942 Royal Enfield owned by T Rose
Best Scooter – 1961 Lambretta LI 150 owned by C Cowell
Best Cyclometer / Autocycle – 1958 Heinkel Perle owned by T Donovan
Best Moped / Sports Moped – 1977 Garelli Tiger Cross owned by J Carter
Best Non-Standard / Non-Production – 1957 RJH Special owned by Roy Houghton
Best Veteran – 1912 Rudge Single Speed owned by B Petheram
Best 3 Wheeler / Side Car – 1965 Panther M100 owned by M Wand
Best Road Racing Machine – Graham Walker Rudge owned by M Coffin
Best Competition (Trials & Scrambles) – 1954 Greeves 20T owned by A Bradley
Best Competition (Any Other) – 1930 Norton Speedway owned by Ian Loram
Best Unrestored – 1912 Ivy Roadster owned by Terry Scotchmer
Best Honda – 1979 Honda CBX1000Z owned by D Peters
Best Trade Entry – Holden
Jeff Clew Endeavour Award – Rudge
Best Club Stand (1st) – Norton Owners Club (Bristol Branch)
Best Club Stand (2nd) – Wells Classic Motorcycle Club
Best Club Stand (3rd) – New Imperial Owners Association

A massive thank you and well done to everyone who displayed this year, and congratulations to all of our winners.

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