Revitalise worn out plastics

Tim Britton
October 2, 2012
Old plastics can be restored

With over 30 years’ experience in restoring vintage plastics worldwide using a unique non-paint method, Plastic Renovations has just developed a colour match welding technique where plastic parts can be welded and retain the exact colour of the surrounding plastic giving an invisible repair.

This brings the plastic back to looking glossy and rich in colour, like brand new.

The firm offers a plastic restoration and repair service to show standard on plastic tanks, mudguards, sidea panels, radiator shrouds, airboxes, airbox mudflaps and chain sliders.

Even plastic parts that you thought may be beyond repair can be saved and look as good as new. Contact Plastic Renovations to discuss requirements and for pricing.

Call Rad Fismistr on 07947 185134 Email or alternatively visit the company’s website at

Meanwhile Carrot Cycles in Lincoln can offer a service that may well appeal to the owner of rarer Japanese machines. The lads said: “As part of our 9-5 work as mechanical designers, we’ve had an increasing involvement in ‘reverse engineering’, a process whereby we take a physical part, measure it (or have a 3D scan done, then recreate the part as 3D CAD data where it can then be reproduced by any modern manufacturing method. Ideally suited for producing small batches of spares, or new tooling for castings, mouldings etc.” This could well be a useful service for restorers. Contact Phil and Pete at Carrot Cycles on 01522 595975 or visit the  or email 


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