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July 7, 2014
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•  AJS Model 18
Fitting a 500 top end to a 350 AMC single was once a common pastime. As were the resulting harsh engines, violent vibes and big bangs. Chris Read explains how to do this kind of conversion properly

• BSA A65 sprint special
When our roving reporter grabbed a snap of this Sprint Special 650 in action, we were intrigued, and asked its owner, Darren Carter, to tell us how it came to be. The story starts two decades ago, when Darren bought the Beesa, almost by accident

• Ducati Mike Hailwood replica
One of the most iconic motorcycles of all time, the MHR. Is it worth too much these days to actually… you know… ride? Nolan Woodbury meets an owner, tells the bike’s tale and finds out for himself

• Excelsior special
One of the vexed questions of our time is how to introduce new blood to old bikes. Odgie reveals a heart-warming story which sees a new rider take to two wheels for the first time, aboard a vintage restoration…

Harley-Davidson Liberator• Harley-Davidson Liberator
Harley’s military motorcycles must be a bit like London buses. We’d never featured a 750 WLA until two months ago, and then almost immediately up pops another one. Roger Loxley tells us all about his WW2 V-twin

• Laverda Alpino
Mention a Laverda 500 twin and most folk immediately think you mean the mainly manic Montjuic. But Ace Tester Miles recommends a much more civilised ride in the shape of its sophisticated sibling. Oddly, it’s blue, and not orange as you might have expected

• Moto Guzzi Lodola
There inevitably comes a point with every project where you have to declare it done and take it for a ride (or else start composing a suitable eBay listing). Stu Thomson has finally reached that moment with his 1950s Moto Guzzi single

• Nimbus rebuild part two
Lasse Horskjær rescued a rare Danish relic from the scrapheap, after it was written off as being uneconomic to repair. This month, he gets to grips with its unusual four-cylinder engine…

• Royal Enfield Interceptor
No good comes from inviting Frank Westworth to ride fine examples of his favourite bikes. Trevor Drury loaned him a Series 2 750 Interceptor, one of Enfield’s awesome big twins…

PLUS! Jacqueline Bickerstaff has been to Stafford and the BMF Shows AND the VMCC’s Relay Rally; Dave Minton returns to reveal what he thinks is the best British postwar big single, and Frank Westworth has been recommissioning his Norton Commando.

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