RealClassic 112 out now!

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August 5, 2013
RealClassic 112 out now!

Adler 250 moto-crosser
Gus Priem so admired the two-stroke scramblers of the late 1950s that he went and built himself a replica

Ariel NH rebuild
Is it done yet? Well. Very nearly. Frank manipulates the minutiae of magneto timing and the 350 Ariel single might just be ready to start first kick. Maybe

BMW BoxerBMW R25
When is a Boxer not a boxer? When it’s half a boxer. Classic BMWs are famously flat twins. Their singles are quite rare, at least in the UK. Paul Miles rode one…

Ariel Huntmaster
The Toastmaster’s Tale; Once upon a time, there was a burned-out Ariel 650 twin. A madman decided to resurrect it. Frank Westworth tells its tale…

BSA A10 Road Rocket
It’s an American Rocket! A view from the USA is often different to the more familiar UK-based perception. Nolan Woodbury reports on a class leading sport 650 twin from BSA…

BSA Bantam build
In our ongoing series, everything starts to come together, and then Odgie encounters seven sorts of stupidity in the clutch compartment…

Matchless G5Matchless 350 single
They lack the heavyweight reputation of more mainstream Matchless G3 singles, but Rowena Hoseason was entirely seduced by the lightweight sibling, the G5…

MZ electrical upgrade
Many riders believe that twelve volts are better than six. Others do not. James Mather decided upon a 12V conversion for his MZ…

Royal Enfield ride
Riding High: By Bullet to the very roof of the world. Paul Hempel shares an Enfield adventure in the Himalaya

Scott Squirrel rebuild
Roger Cooper has taken on the challenge of rebuilding a vintage water-cooled two-stroke twin in this ongoing series. But when he fires it up for the first time, the Scott seems to be running as a semi-single…

PLUS Dave Minton returns and considers the sweet sorrow of parting with his Krauser; PUB bounces off to Banbury and explores more about the Abingdon-Cross engine, and RC readers discuss Enfield’s 500 Twin, a hot Harris G80 and the correct positioning of the flyscreen on a Norman B4 Sport. Oh, and there’s news, and events, and reader ads and so on and so forth and more…

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