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October 7, 2013
Latest RealClassic 114 out now

BSA Bantam rebuild: final Episode
Odgie’s undercover project – building a Bantam from bits in secret for his fair lady – is finally finished. Just needs final approval and documentation and it’s on the road!

The R90S has long been hailed as BMW’s meisterwerk, one of the iconic superbikes of the Seventies. Boxer owner and enthusiast Andrew Shortridge wanted to find out what all the fuss is about…

Cotton motorcycles
Most folk know little about Cotton motorcycles; one of the minor marques with a profound pedigree and many machines which punch way beyond their weight. Richard Jones enjoyed a day with the Cotton Owners’ Club and learned a little about the marque’s memorable models

Laverda and Kawasaki 750 twins
Few motorcycles improve with age, although our memories of them may do that. Frank Westworth revisited two 750 twins he dismissed back in 1977: Laverda’s GTL and Kawasaki’s Zed

Norton Model 18
Dave Blanchard needed three wheels on his wagon, so set about restoring what might once have been a Watsonian chassis, and attached it to his 1936 Norton Model 18

Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Learning to live together can be a most rewarding process. Ian Saunders made the acquaintance of his G2 – an original, Redditch-built Bullet – a little over a decade ago, and explains what it’s been like to live with since then

Scott Squirrel rebuild: final episode
Roger Cooper accepted the challenge of rebuilding a vintage water-cooled two-stroke twin, and his trials and tribulations are almost over. The engine is back and just the clutch needs to be reassembled. Easy. Surely?

Had it not been for the Second World War, the big single sidevalve M20 wouldn’t have caused much of a stir in motorcycling history. Rowena Hoseason explores the myths and the merits of BSA’s military machine

PLUS! What to see at Stafford; recommended RC reading; inside Umberslade; getting ready to head to the South of England Show; Bantam banter; BMW single insights, Dave Minton, Frank Westworth and Jacqueline Bickerstaff, and more…

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