Owners Club makes stand

Web editor
December 13, 2011

Chosen theme for the stand is ‘The featherbed frame’ and a selection of the said framed models will be on show, 650SS – ex-Paul Dunstall, Manxman, 500 Manx racer, International, Model 50, ES2 and a few permutations – although not the almost obligatory Triton – a mighty Norvin and a less usual Norvelo will also be on display.

The main Norton club’s librarian will be in attendance with trusty laptop, literature and posters. Knowledge and advice from the ever enthusiastic branch members, will try to answer some of those questions you always wanted to know the answer to – like why was it called a slimline featherbed or for that matter a wideline?

To find out come to the show where you will be given a warm friendly welcome, just like a featherbed.

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