Ossie Neal sprint

Alan Turner
October 14, 2013
Sheelagh Neal, with husband David in the chair, flicks her father's Scott around the twisty sprint course at Eelmoor

Sheelagh and her husband David were competing in both straight and twisty events at Eelmoor. They had also brought the Scott outfit that Ossie had built many years ago. The bike, originally raced solo, was built on a very limited budget. When it was fitted with a sidecar, some clever engineering and determined riding also made it competitive in sprints and hill climbs. With Ossie's son Pat in the chair they achieved second in the British Hill Climb championship.

At Eelmoor, the Vintage Class in the straight line event was another victory for the ever spectacular John Young (Triumph-JAP). He had a good margin over Chris Illman (Bayley-Cole Douglas) who was marginally quicker than Andrew Taylor and his Ariel 'Badger' special. Mike Huggins took Post War Vintage with a purposeful Velocette special. John Young was also quickest in the afternoon's 'Twisty' course, with Andrew Taylor next best. Sheelagh and David, on their road race Triumph Thunderbird outfit won the Post War Vintage bike class.

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