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Tim Britton
March 6, 2013

• Hagon dazzlers
As suspension units are sealed they tend to be forgotten until they go wrong, but when this happens they remind you of their existence very quickly. These particular ones are intended for the OBM Triumph and are the scrambles variation with 100mm stroke rather than the 80mm roadster damper rod movement. They’re also slightly longer than the standard dampers, being 13½in rather than 12½in. Why? Well the OBM Triumph has been fitted with a 21in front wheel for duty on scrambles and that’s lifted the front up an inch, a slightly longer rear suspension will restore the equilibrium and add to the ground clearance. As they are without shrouds they’re also slightly lighter than standard units.

The shock absorbers come in a range of sizes and spring rates too numerous to list here so contact Hagon for your needs.

Cost will depend on specification, length and spring rate, give them a call.

Contact Hagon Products, tel 0208 502 6222.  Email:

• Get rid of rust
They are two rust treatments that will remove all corrosion from inside of fuel tanks and get them ready for coating with a tank sealant. The FeDox is a powder that has to be mixed up at a certain temperature and then left to pickle the rust away. This typically takes 12 hours or so at room temperature. All the rust is removed and the bare metal left is sound ready for stage two of the treatment – Fertan. This is a bit belt and braces really but if you’re going to sort your tank out then given the cost of refinishing it makes sense to sort it properly. It’s water based, biodegradable and inert once used.

The Fertan costs £11 for a 250ml bottle but the FeDox was too new for Villiers Services to give us the latest price.

For more info email: Tel: 01384 265797

• Hot stuff
What is it? It’s a heater that fits on to a propane bottle and will make the ambient temperature of your workshop much more bearable. Its 9200 to 17,000 btu output is a great boost for those of us with a less-than-warm workspace.

Naturally as it’s a gas heater any workshop needs to be well ventilated and it has to be kept away from any flammable substances... so no spray painting or mixing two-stroke while it’s on. The heater is supplied with a sturdy frame and a long hose so can be easily moved around the workspace for best effect. It complies with all safety regulations regarding gas bottles and will greatly enhance the restoration experience. Oh, we’d recommend you have a fire extinguisher in your workshop too, just in case.

List price is £64.95 plus VAT but we’re advised by Sealey its stockists will have deals.

More info from your Sealey stockist or go to and click on the dealer locator. Tel 01284 757500.


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