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Melanie Falconer
August 23, 2012
Sidestand extension pads prevent mishaps on soft surfaces

AMC Moto sidestand extension pads
Parking your bike on soft ground, grass verges, hot Tarmac and uneven surfaces can result in worrying whether your pride and joy is going to end up on the floor.
These new sidestand extension metal pads take the place of a bit of wedged cardboard or plastic lid.

Manufactured in-house by UK company AMC Moto, the pads are made from stainless steel and alloy, in a ‘sandwich plate’ system. The bottom plate is fitted with hardened SS studs to provide a totally flat base and 100% contact with the ground. Easy to fit using locknuts, the nuts have a stainless spring insert in them.

The pads have a satin finish and are etched with the relevant bike’s logo as well. The company claims they will not fade, chip, corrode or peel due to the 100% stainless steel content.

Bike makes currently covered are BMW, Triumph, Kawasaki and KTM, with most popular models catered for, in various colours.

Price is £19.99-£31.99. More information from, or by telephoning 01494 856091

TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system TyrePal tyre pressure monitoring system
Running correct tyre pressures is not only essential to safety, but also improves fuel economy and handling too.

Underinflation leads to increased fuel costs and affects tyre life, plus they can be more susceptible to punctures. Overinflation results in a harder ride and potential handling issues.

Stamford based TyrePal Ltd has recently launched its TD4100 tyre pressure monitoring system to take the uncertainty out of checking motorcycle tyre pressures on the move.

The company claims the system is simple to fit and set up, and wheel rebalancing is not normally necessary. Once running, the TyrePal TD4100 relays pressure and temperature information continuously from lightweight, dust cap sensors to an easy to read handlebar monitor. A bright red LED also flashes a warning of any impending tyre disasters.

The system needs no wiring and comes complete with instructions, mounting bracket and batteries. The sensors have anti-theft locking rings and the monitor clips off for safekeeping and also has a waterproof cover. Price includes a year’s warranty. MCM will be testing a system out within the next few months.

Price is £149.99. More information from, or telephone Tel: 01780 755490

SBK Generations Superbike World Championships game SBK Generations Superbike World Championships game
This WSB official game is out on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC and is set across four different seasons of the Superbike FIM World Championship. Starting in 2009, and ending with the current 2012 season, the game gives players the chance to pit the best teams of 2009 against the best teams of today in the largest SBK game of all time. It also features more than 220 riders from 1999 until the present day, 141 teams and 60 bike models from across 10 manufacturers. Finally, players have the chance to race Superstock and Supersport bikes and cut their teeth on the feeder series before entering the big league.

See the trailers on YouTube: Features trailer, Assen trailer and Imola trailer.

Price: is £29.99 consoles, £24.99 Windows PC. More information from the company website:, or telephone 01462 487373

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