Morini rises again

Steve Rose
October 25, 2012
Morini rescue. Hurrah!

“Almost every Italian man over the age of 50 has owned a Morini at some time – my first bike was a 50cc Morini Corsarino. When I read that the company had gone into liquidation I talked with my partner and decided to buy the company.”

For a fraction under two million euros, Sandro and partners bought the name, the designs, the trademarks, production machinery, unfinished bikes and all the remaining spares.

The plan is to get production restarted as quickly as possible and to sell direct to customers via the Morini website, with servicing carried out through a network of specialist centres in each country. Customers will have the option of either picking up their bike direct from the factory or having it shipped to a service centre that will then PDI it for them. This approach will allow Morini to be extremely competitive on price. Capotosti hopes that the bikes will be between £1800-£2500 cheaper than the competition.

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