Metzeler's classic tyre

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October 1, 2014
Metzeler's SPORTEC Klassik tyre offers modern performance for 1970s-onwards bikes

Metzeler took the opportunity at the International INTERMOT Show in Cologne to unveil its new SPORTEC Klassik tyre. Aimed at the popular classic bikes from the 70s onwards where performance tyres for street and touring machines are often overlooked by tyre companies, the company claims the new tyre offers significant improvements in all areas.

Advanced compound and a bias belted construction allow more freedom with the tyre tread pattern, too, offering a bigger and more stable footprint at all angles and more uniform wear patterns.

The newcomer will be filtering through from Spring 2015 in the following sizes.

110/70 - 17 M/C 54H TL
110/80 V - 17 M/C (57V) TL
100/90 V - 18 M/C (56V) TL
110/90 V - 18 M/C (61V) TL
100/90 - 19 M/C 57V TL

130/70 - 17 M/C 62H TL
130/80 - 17 M/C 65H TL
130/90 - 17 M/C 68V TL
140/80 - VB 17 M/C (69V) TL
120/90 - 18 M/C 65V TL
4.00 - 18 M/C 64V TL

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