Jack Thompson Trial

Alan Turner
December 16, 2013
Jack Thompson runner-up Colin Mote eases his 500 Ariel down one of the many banks on the Sidcup club's ground at Canada Heights, Swanley

A score of one made Paul Randall/Richard Webb (Triumph) the best of the sidecar entry.

Among the older machines, Arthur Frearson (350 AJS) topped the girder fork/rigid class while Stan Metcalf, on his 320 BSA special, was the best of the tele fork/rigids with a clean score sheet..

Out once more on her C15 BSA, Joan Westbrook (featured in June 2013 TCM) managed a fine fifth place. Still recovering from chemotherapy, she sought sponsorship for cancer research and the organising Sidcup club and fellow riders rallied round to make a magnificent £1000 contribution to the cause.

Joan remains one of the four riders who have ridden in every Jack Thompson. Secretary of the Meeting Peter Burrell noted in the programme how the entry spanned the age groups, from teenagers (two), nine riders in their twenties and right up to 17 riders of 70 years and over. The bikes, in essence, are all now at least 47 years old!

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