IDP Moto offers classic restoration services

Bertie Simmonds
March 13, 2013
Steve Parrish looks on...

Shock, horror, we hear you say... but to be honest, as long as people love their classics, we don’t mind how they get them back on the road, nor will we pass judgment.

The people behind IDP Moto Ltd, which is based at Silverstone Circuit, were the same people behind Neil Young Motorcycles in Northampton, back in the day. Company director Daryll Young has been rejoined by top technician Paul Smith as well as Ian Wilson and Sean Meagher to form IDP Moto.

Currently they have a couple of modern classics in their care, including an FZX750 Yam, a GPz of some description and Steve Parrish’s Yamaha FZ750.

Yes, Stavros of BBC MotoGP coverage fame and ex-racer of some note is using IDP Moto to help him restore and rebuild the five-valve Yam into a Superstock spec’ racer (pic)?– exclusively for CMM.

His odyssey begins next month, but for a sneak preview either head to our Facebook page or IDP Moto’s! Also, check them out at:

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