Friends Reunited

Bertie Simmonds
March 22, 2013
Kawasaki: where is it now?

New bike finding service is a site where past owners can advertise the registration number of a motorcycle they are looking for in the hope of possibly owning it again. At the same time, the site advertises the registration numbers of motorcycles that are currently for sale by their present owners.

There is no charge to list numbers on the site and all the details you need to submit are the registration number and your email address (held securely by the site). If there’s a match in numbers, the site checks both parties want to exchange email addresses, and then will charge both parties a small fee (£19.99) for the email address exchange.

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics editor Bertie Simmonds now is looking for this pile of… er... his first biking love: F238 JKN. He says: “What a top idea this is! I wonder if my old, first love Blossom is out there? Blossom was a Kawasaki KMX125 painted shocking purple and later added to with various day-glo vinyl when me and my uncle were drunk one night. If she’s out there, I’d love to know.”

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