Forever Two Wheels digital edition

Jack Harrison
May 7, 2014
Digital version announced!

Forever Two Wheels is the new one-off, recently launched 132-page publication from the publisher of Classic Bike Guide that celebrates the hand-built customised motorcycle and the new generation of bike builders embracing this new culture.

With all of these added extras, the customisation doesn’t end with the pages of the bookazine… the digital version is as unique as the bikes that are featured!

The best bit is by downloading the FREE Classic Bike Guide app from your iTunes app store, you can purchase the special FTW! digital edition for only £3.99!

Want to know more? Here’s FTW! in the words of editor Gary Pinchin:
FTW! Forever two wheels? For the win? F***…? Heck, what’s in a name? The bottom line is that we wanted to create a magazine celebrating the new wave of custom bikes that are sweeping the world. Because we love the style and the innovation and, most importantly, the fun of these motorcycles – and the scene they are part of. That’s the long and the short of it.

The ‘Loud Fast Motorcycles’ strapline is borrowed and bastardised from a long defunct punk magazine Loud Fast Rules.

The original punk ethos strikes a chord. Stick two fingers up at the establishment and do your own thing.

FTW! spreadCafe racers. Street trackers. Bobbers. People have been building them for years. But now there’s a twist. The builders are largely a new breed. Younger, vibrant, fashion-conscious and drawing inspiration from BMX, skating and surfing, all with a healthy nod to grungy old nostalgia and taking influences from vintage bikes through speedway and dirt trackers to hi-tech racing projectiles.

Like the early 1970s revisited, a time when motorcycles were the coolest thing since throwing peace signs at Hendrix, it’s suddenly hip again to be a biker – but only certain bikes can be hip. And they’re the kind of bikes in this magazine. A celebration of engineering genius and free thinking. A celebration of do it yourself in a world of disposable trinkets. People want to get involved with their bikes again. They want to strip them bare. Fettle carbs. Make seats…Plastic covered, computerized bolides are passé.

FTW! is about all the bikes that underpin the new movement. A scene inspired by web blogs like The Bike Shed, Bike EXIF, Silodrome.

People who love bikes – really love bikes – will know what we mean and embrace what we’re trying to do with FTW!

• FTW! digital is available via the Classic Bike Guide app and PocketMags.

• Need any help downloading? Call our Digital team on 01507 529292 or email

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