Dremel compact saw

Nigel Clark
April 10, 2012
Dremel DSM20 compact saw

The tool makes a beautifully clean cut compared with toothed wheels, are extremely precise and require no lower guard mechanism – as per toothed cutters.

It’s easy to operate with one hand for most cuts and its abrasive wheels allow both push and pull action, whichever is more convenient. Additionally, it’s easy to change accessories using the shaft lock button. The motor runs at 17,000rpm, so there’s enough power to cut through most materials.

The Dremel DSM20 comes with a range of accessories and attachments supplied as standard in the tool-kit: A 77mm multi-purpose carbide wheel, for wood, ply, composites, laminates, PVC etc. Three 77mm metal cut-off wheels, for cutting copper, coated wire shelving, metal, sheet aluminium etc. There’s also a vacuum cleaner attachment to keep things clean and line of sight clear, a straight edge guide and a cutting guide. The kit also comes with a welcome DVD and a sturdy storage case. Price is £119.98 depending on where you shop. More information at

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