Devon Rim Company goes digital

Tim Britton
August 10, 2013

Thanks to a simple, quick and easy ordering system, customers are able to match their bike’s hubs to the site’s brand-categorised products, which gives visual representation to individual hubs on screen.

“Up until this point, we’ve depended on the customer’s descriptive skills over the phone to correctly identify the right hub for their motorcycle,” said chief executive Shaun Timms.

“Pending the customer matches and selects the correct hub on screen with the one in their hand, the new system eradicates the risk of wrongly ordering a component.”

Once a hub is selected, customers can then continue to choose their preferred rim design and spokes to match. By completing the purchase online, using the in-built secure payment system, clients will be able to place an order regardless of the hour or day of week.

For more information or advice on your rims, you can contact Devon Rim Company on 01769 581 700.

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