DVLA changes

Tim Britton
December 21, 2011
DVLA changes are ahead

Proposals published for consultation by Roads Minister Mike Penning claim to mean millions of vehicle users will benefit. 

The Government is planning to centralise the DVLA’s services, and under the new proposals, services offered, such as renewing tax discs, will be available online.

Mr Penning said: "Centralising is the first crucial step towards making more of its transactions available online, allowing people to deal with the DVLA at their chosen time and place. This will mean quicker turnarounds and meet customers’ growing needs."

The scheme is calculated to save the DVLA an estimated £28 million year, which includes thousands of salaries.

Under the proposals, customers would have more ways to access the DVLA’s services than the current 39 regional offices. The announcement means the regional offices are expected to close by the end of 2013, with work going to DVLA’s HQ in Swansea. The consultation document can be found at:

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