Compulsory hi-vis clothing

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December 2, 2011
Hi-vis clothing for motorcyclists in Ireland

In a recent email to the Motorcyclists’ Action Group (MAG), the Irish RSA said:

“I can confirm that the RSA has not dropped the position outlined in the Motorcycle Safety Action Plan. We do intend to seek to introduce the (hi-vis) measure in 2014, subject to consultation with motorcyclists and industry on the most appropriate type of hi-vis material and possible solutions.”

Under the new plans riders and their pillions would be required to wear upper body, full sleeved hi-vis clothing while riding in Ireland.

MAG said: “Forced Day-Glo will simply marginalise riders and let unobservant drivers off the hook.

“Such a lazy approach to road safety does not deserve to succeed in Ireland, France or here in the UK.”

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