Clearing the way

Bertie Simmonds
November 18, 2013

Paul runs Visorvision, a place where everything is angled to looking after your helmet and your visor and you can get a whopping 15% off Fogtech simply by being a reader of CMM.

So, if you’re planning on wearing a visor, spectacles, safety goggles or a welding mask at any point this winter then listen up!

Our friends at Visorvision are offering CMM readers a deal on the awesome Fogtech anti-fog. Bertie’s used it for years, and confirms that it’s that rarest of things; an anti-fog wipe that actually does what it says on the tin and works!

If you want to take advantage of this offer, pop along to and stick the code CMM1315 into the discount code box at checkout. You’ll get 15% off any Fogtech product in your basket.

How good is that?

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