Classic Dirtbike issue 28 on sale!

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August 15, 2013
Classic Dirtbike issue 28 on sale now

• In balance
If it wasn’t for the weather what would we British talk about? Motorcycles and the weather of course!

• News – read all about it
News in a quarterly? Hmmm yes, there’s still a spot here... let’s hear it from you and we’ll tell the off-road world.

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Triumph twin• Original and unrestored
Incredible as it may seem, there are still dirt bikes out there being used as they were, untouched and unrestored. This issue, the bike that changed trials – a James J9 Commando.

• Dirt products
Got something the dirt bike world would benefit from? Something to make a bike go better, a rider faster or better balanced? Tell us, as this is where it should appear.

• The Smith tales
It’s always good to hear about things that went on in days past, things the mags of the day maybe couldn’t quite fit in.

• An hour at...
... Tom White’s MX museum in Orange County, California.

• Dirt Talk
Are we doing it right? Are we doing it wrong? Covering enough? Not covering enough? All your opinions in here.

• Moto Memories
Feeling Groggy – with Robert Grogg and Andreas Husser.

• Wright or wrong
Always to the point, always thought provoking, though occasionally leaving you fizzing… Wrighty’s view on the world of off-road.

• Rebuilt to ride – part one
Jerry Thurston launches his Montesa Cota rebuild on the world. It’s an early one, ‘a big hub’ as they’re termed.

• Tech talk
Belt drives. How hard are they to fit and why would you fit one anyway? We speak to Pete Kirby to find out.

• Top twin
The sun shines in the north… we travel to a secret Weardale location for a ride on the 2013 pre-65 winning Triumph.

• Yellow peril
It’s hard to imagine a Suzuki in any other colour but yellow and this tasty RM is as yellow as they come. Chris Montignani has a word with the owner.

• Sidecar for my friend...Motocross museum
Once upon a time sidecar sport was the thing to do! CDB has a go.

• Ulf service
When the factory has already done all the hard work, why change more than necessary? Birger Tommos meets Swedish star and Montesa man Ulf Karlsson.

• You need…
This is where we tell you what’s missing from your life, your motorcycling life that is. So you need a Monark, you do, really!

• The shocking truth
We try the very first production monoshock trials bike.

• World of sport
Sporting action goes on all over the dirt bike world with trials, scrambles, MX and enduro. Here’s a roundup of a few events we managed to squeeze into our pages.

• Shows and events
There’s been a lot going on recently and all with a bit of off-road in them – Stafford show, Lanark and Newark.

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