Cable and hose kits

Ben Wilkins
March 20, 2012
Venhill workshop cable and hose clips

Venhill now has a range of kits which come in a durable toolbox, which means they’re easy to transport. You’ve got a selection of British-made hoses and cables with high-quality fittings so you can upgrade control cables and hydraulic lines on any modern or classic machine, road or track, on or off-road.

These sets can be useful for the professional mechanic as well as the home fettler, or racer. Kits include the clutch/throttle cable kit, with enough cable to make 10 lines (five clutch, five throttle) as well as additional fittings for £145.38. If you’ve got the wonga, you’ll want the Powerhose Plus Dealer kit, which comes with everything you need to replace brake hoses. It comes with 30 assorted hoses ranging from 150mm to 725mm in length with associated banjo bolts/fittings meaning you can make to measure for any bike or special.

Extra fittings are available so you can replace the parts you use. This set costs £621.62 with stainless fittings or £774.87 with chrome fittings. Pricey, but you’ll never want for a hose set again.

Prices range from £145.38 to £774.87 and more information is available from

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