Bike Fest

Alan Turner
August 14, 2014
Paul Gregory pilots his 500 Triton around the demonstration circuit

The lunch break entertainment began with David Hailwood demonstrating the 500-4 Honda that became a part of the legend of his father, Mike. After a couple of laps around the circuit and an interview in front of an enthusiastic crowd, he ran a fairly casual 13-second quarter-mile. Then the speedway and grass track machines that had been on static display nearby  performed on an impromptu circuit at the side of the runway.

The sixties record-breaking 'Impulse' sprint sidecar outfit was restored a while ago, but has been dogged by minor running issues. However, with some quicker runs to the end of the quarter, it looks as if the problems are finally being resolved.

Elsewhere, the 'Cafe Racer Corral' attracted some unusual entries with a Moto-Guzzi 1-2. Ian Stonys' Magni Moto-Guzzi took the trophy, just pipping Neil Smith's slightly less radical version.

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