Barry Sheene tribute

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March 20, 2014
A unique A3-sized commemorative 'Bazza' poster is available...

Motorcycle racers – or indeed any sportsman or woman from a ‘minority’ activity – have rarely ‘crossed over’ into the public’s collective consciousness. But just as a policeman can still say; “Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?’ to a youth driving too fast and they’ll (perhaps) know who’s being referred to or at least understand the implication, so too does Barry Sheene remain the best known motorcycle racer Britain has ever produced.

To mark the recent anniversay of Barry's passing, we've put together a video montage of some of our favourite images.

These are just a handful of the massive stock we have in the Mortons Archive. If you want to explore further and purchase an image, click on the search link below, make a note of the id number, and contact our archivist Jane Skayman.

? Barry Sheene image video
? Search for images (type Sheene in search field)
? Barry Sheene A3 poster (one week only)

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