Andy's MV ride

Malc Wheeler
December 28, 2012
Andy Kershaw; a man in demand

When Andy met Dave Bedlington (something of a legend himself) at Stafford in October, and he had the opportunity to blip up Dave’s genuine ex-Phil Read MV four, Dave was so bowled over by Andy’s boyish enthusiasm that he foolishly offered him a ride on the MV in 2013.

But all might not be lost for Yamaha, as Ferry Brouwer has offered Andy a ride on the factory prototype 50cc Yamaha built for Bill Ivy, but never raced. Ferry believes both the MV and Dean Want’s TZ are far too easy to ride!

Clearly a man in demand, Andy has also been offered a ride by Ducati single guru Andy Farrer on one of his little Bologna Bullets. You can read the story of young Kershaw’s Grand Prix career in a future issue of Classic Racer.

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