All’s fair in charity press trial

Tim Britton
May 26, 2013
The world round organisers promise easier sections for the Pre65 demo than those Dave Thorpe is tackling in the 1975 world round

However, that is ‘generally speaking’... as there is one such event – held this year as part of the Carole Nash Newark Bike Bonanza on June 22 and 23 – where rule bending has a blind eye turned towards it, in fact it is positively encouraged. This event has had a number of names over the 80 years or so it’s managed to evade capture by the sensible brigade, initially the Wayzgoose Trial – though what exactly a ‘Wayzgoose’ is has never been determined – then the Press and Trade Trial, or just the Press Trial, but what it all adds up to under those name changes is a madcap event where actually trying to succeed goes against a rider.

Instead of attempting to achieve the perfect zero in a section by riding through with their feet up, riders have been known to bribe observers to record a ‘clean.’ Why anyone would want to indulge in such mayhem is beyond the comprehension of normal people, but for some reason the event is often oversubscribed.

We doubt any sensible purchasers of this publication would even consider riding so daft an event… but in case anyone decides a superb event based around bribery, corruption and flagrant rule breaking sounds exactly right for them then an email to Glynis Roberts in our shows department with Press Trial in the subject box or call 01507 529431 will determine if there are entries left.

You may be lucky and the list will be full, if not and you get an entry, bring cash… lots of it... as you will be benefiting two very worthy charities – the TTRA and the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.

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