Abba Superbike stand

Bertie Simmonds
December 23, 2012
Lifting your bike safely and securely...

When trying to get the bike up on front or rear paddock stands, I have had moments when the bike has teetered on the brink of the abyss and it’s been at these times I’ve wanted something a bit more sturdy and simple to use. I bought the abba Superbike Stand last year, to get my old YZF750 up off its back wheel in safety.

It breaks into two pieces and fits into the swingarm pivots on either side of the bike before being rejoined at the base. Then with the telescopic handle, you can lift the bike off its rear wheel. In 18-months it’s never let me (or the bike) down – but be warned, you do need to ensure that both ends are sitting in the pivot points and that everything is done up tight before you commence the big ‘lift’.

Bikes covered are most from the late 1980s, including single-sided swingarm machines. Adaptor kits cost around £18.50. Bertie Simmonds

Price is five pence short of £100 and you can get more info from: or telephoning 01245 322331

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