1931 Vincent HRD Sports

Michael Barraclough, images Leanne Mandall
April 27, 2014

Entered by David Critchlow, this bike features a 350 cc J.A.P racing engine, Druid racing forks, adjustable friction dampers and a Burman four-speed gearbox. This is a creature that was built for speed. It is also equipped with a 2.5 gallon petrol tank, a 7 inch Royal Enfield hub in the front and a 7 inch Horton hub in the rear.

The motorcycle, though built in 1931, dissappeared for a number of years before it resurfaced in 1946 when it was first registered for the road.

Its racing days were probably in and around the 1930’s, but most of the bikes history (before David acquired it in 1966) is not known.

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