Preview: November Issue of The Classic MotorCycle

October 4, 2022

The November edition of The Classic MotorCycle magazine offers a lavishly illustrated celebration of legendary machines, riders and races, and news, reviews and rare period images from the golden age of motorcycling.

Drawing on an archive stretching back to 1903, The Classic MotorCycle magazine provides an unparalleled insight into more than a century of motorcycle design, development, riding, racing and much more.

The November issue includes:

Just like Ago’s

Fully faired MV four on the road. All right, it’s a 750 and, yes, it’s from the 1970s, but it’s red and silver, has a full fairing, four pipes and looks magnificent.

X-ceptional enterprise

The American Excelsior concern – incidentally, with no ties to the UK maker of the same name – is all but forgotten now, which is a shame, as this 1920s V-twin examples.

Flexible friend

The Matchless G3 – the ultimate do anything motorcycle? Well, this 1930s version delivers in terms of performance, looks, dependability and all-round good manners.

Irish A50

John B Nicholls, who lives on the Emerald Isle, is something of a character, as reflected by his 500cc unit Beesa, which, among other things, delivered PPE during lockdown.

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