Summer 2017 – Issue 43

Nigel Devereux
June 9, 2017

Current issue: Issue 43 – Next issue: Issue 44 – On sale: August 17, 2017

In the Summer 2017 issue…

03 In Balance

The fluid and volatile world of dirt bikes is food for thought as the editor looks back 56 years as Dougie Lampkin equals Gordon Jackson’s one mark win.

06 News, views and reviews

Our regular look at what’s happening in the off-road world, events to go to, series updates.

16 Original and unrestored

Sometimes a bike just manages to survive in an untouched state as events surrounding the owner mean they don’t use it in anger – such is this 310 Cota.

18 You need…

…a sidecar trials bike in your life, yes you do, you may not realise it but you do and this is where we tell you why. Feel free to disagree.

22 Super profile

The world yelled ‘lightweight’ the British said ‘Cheney dear boy’ and created a legend in ISDT, we look at the ex-Jim Sandiford 504cc ISDT Gold Medal winner.

40 Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!

As CDB is subscription only in the UK you’ve either subscribed, nicked a mate’s copy or seen us at a show. If it’s one of the latter two… subscribe here.

52 Dicko’s view

More from the all encompassing eye of one of the off-road world’s most senior journalists, always thought-provoking, always interesting… what says you?

71 ’Cross words

An arch scrambles enthusiast suddenly notices some off-road riders go slower than others and don’t put their feet down as much, it’s called trials riding Ian.

72 Dirt Talk

What’re you talking about in the CDB world? All sorts of things as it happens, bring it on we say.

82 Moto memories

It’s 1972, the Japanese have arrived and MX is shooting up a gear. Roger DeCoster is in the ascendency at Suzuki and showing he’s a winner.


10 The winner…

…or one of them at least. Liston Bell won the Pre-65 part of our classic scrambles championship, John McCrink went to see him.

27 Husky happening

A slight tweak to our archive bit this issue as Norm DeWitt went Husqvarna crazy and infected us too, great meet, great bikes.

34 Long travel time

For years scramblers had only a few inches of suspension travel at either end of their bikes… then came long travel and the world moved on.

67 An hour…

…with Olle Petterssen. To be at your height in racing and the factory say ‘you know what? Don’t need you’ could be a downer, but not for Swedish legend Olle Petterssen.

74      Mart’s Beezer

Youngest of the Lampkin brothers, Martin began his competition career in 1967 on a C15 similar to those used by his elder siblings Arthur and Alan.


54 Sporting world

From a gaggle of SWMs in Wales, through the best of Stafford show to the ultimate Pre-65 trial in Scotland… CDB is out there.

62 The Classic Dirt Bike Show

We were at Telford with the best of the classic, twinshock and Evo world on display, with bits and bobs and bikes and blokes too, oh and a dinner as well.


44 King of the IT crowd

Assembly progresses as a problem is solved and more information comes the editor’s way.

48 Dirt Products

Got something to help the off-road world go faster, keep their feet up longer or remain more on time in an enduro? Tell us, we’ll put it in this bit.

50 Tech Talk

We know your bike should be reliable before starting the event but what happens if there’s an incident? That’s when you need your ‘on bike’ tools.


For more than 30 years it has been the aim of a Scottish rider to win the Pre-65 Scottish. It nearly happened last year but Gary Macdonald has done it in 2017. The lad from Kinlochleven kept his cool and took the top spot. CDB were on hand to get his Bantam for a feature – see the next issue.

Take a selection of Eighties SWMs, a bunch of riders determined to enjoy them and some dampish scenery in Wales… yes it’s the Old Knobblies on tour. See our sport feature for more.


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