June 7, 2022

RealClassic revels in the nuts and bolts of running, riding and rebuilding real classic motorcycles. Expert and enthusiastic real-life riders from across the world share their passion for old bikes.

Here’s what’s coming up in the June issue:

BSA Bantam

Remember your first bike? Odgie encounters a humble Bantam and is transported back to his youth…

Royal Enfield V-Twin

The era of the hefty V-twin tourer was almost over, but that didn’t stop Royal Enfield producing one of the best of the breed. Phillip White took on a demanding restoration and brought one of the few remaining examples back to life…

Francis-Barnett Cruiser

Iconic classic bikes can disappoint when they don’t live up to their heady reputations. Working class heroes, on the other hand, frequently provide unexpected delights. Fred Harrington is unexpectedly delighted…

Brighter Lights

Older motorcycle electrical systems can’t always cope with running the lights all the time. Bob Livesey discovered a quick fix for his particular Honda…

And there’s lots more, as well as the regulars, including: We’ve Got Mail!, Pub Talk, Ollie’s Oddjobs and Tales from the Shed.

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