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July 6, 2022

Welcome to Old Bike Mart, the subscription-only newspaper with the UK’s largest selection of classic motorcycle classified ads.

This month’s OBM, as always is the case, features the latest news, reports from the racetrack, part and tool reviews and ‘how to’ guides. Ensure you get your copy by subscribing to OBM here.

We call OBM the autojumble in your armchair, which it is… but there’s so much more to this publication. It’s like meeting an old friend for a walk down memory lane, with plenty of laughs thrown in and some evocative pictures to mull over.

Here’s a look inside the pages of the new July issue…

Commuters, also-rans & alternatives: Yamaha RS200

This month, Steve Cooper champions the little twin  that Yamaha built for the  budget-conscious market.

Quail Motorcycle Gathering

California, sunshine, motorcycles – no wonder Blue Miller couldn’t resist the lure of one of the West Coast’s fanciest shows.

Tales of the brilliant CB400F, racing the train and an ‘Alas, poor Yorick’ encounter

Pete Kelly brings more reflections on the troubled British bike industry of the 1970s, with two bike outings to remember from his years at Motor Cycle.

And lots more, including…

  • More tales of my CSR – plus a 7R
  • A-Z of British motorcycles – Part 15: H (Part 3)
  • Testing times
  • RS Bike Paint Ltd partners with Harley-Davidson
  • Classic Motorcycle Day at Crich Tramway Village

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