Alex Bestwick
August 15, 2022

Welcome to Classic Dirt Bike magazine, where we celebrate the best in older off-road motorcycles and showcase those who ride them… both now and back in the day.

In Issue 64 of Classic Dirt Bike magazine, you can expect all of this…

Mono Montesa

The bike which joins the traditional Montesa range to the spangly water-cooled ones: we give you the Cota 310.

Macio Magnificence

Maico’s Mega 2 490 was a game changer for the company and corrected the problems of the Mega 1.

Shocking action

Think electric bikes are the new thing? Think again… Thing environmental concerns are the new thing? Think again… okay, we’ll stop there.

Greeves Classic

Westmorland MCC hosted the Greeves Classic Scramble at the club’s showground track. Lots of Greeves were there… us too.

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