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Sam Hewitt
May 8, 2019

Racer for the Road! Laverda SFC Twin! BSA’s Last A10s! This month’s RealClassic has everything you need for running, riding and rebuilding RealClassic motorcycles.

As ever, this month’s issue of RealClassic magazine is packed with glorious machines, tales from the shed, in-depth interviews and striking photography.

If you’d like to read May’s RealClassic, then you can cut to the chase and download the digital version, order the print magazine, or better yet save those pennies and subscribe to RealClassic. Here’s what to expect this month…

LAVERDA SFC 750 |Very fast and very orange. Laverda’s 750 SFC genuinely was a racer for the road…well, for road racing at any rate. Alan Cathcart tells its story.

TRIUMPH/LEVIS SPECIAL |In its 80-odd years of existence, this motorcycle has hadmany incarnations. It’s been reborn as a grasstracker, a speedway racer and a hillclimber; a 500 and now a 650.

TWO BSA TWINS | Subtle distinctions make a surprising difference to two handsome twins. Frank Westworth explores the pursuit of perfection…

HONDA CUB | Eager to pass on his enthusiasm for classic motorcycles to the next generation, Stuart Urquhart sought an ideal old bike for a first rebuild project. Cheap, uncomplicated and abundant: a Honda Cub perfectly fit the bill.

PLUS! Pub talk; Frank’s tales from the shed and check your calendars because we have all of the best classic events coming up.

RealClassic magazine is on sale in UK newsagents and supermarkets, and you can buy the current issue in digital and paper formats here!

You can also buy stacks of back issues, but it’s cheaper to subscribe. Subscribers save money, get their copies delivered to their doorstep and never miss an issue.

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