Preview: September Issue of RealClassic Magazine

September 1, 2022

RealClassic revels in the nuts and bolts of running, riding and rebuilding real classic motorcycles. Expert and enthusiastic real-life riders from across the world share their passion for old bikes.

Here’s what’s coming up in the September issue:

Francis-Barnett Falcon

Are you ready for the awesome excitement of a Falcon in full flight? Ace Tester Miles can barely control the power…

Harley-Davidson WL

More than 90,000 ‘Liberators’ rolled off Milwaukee’s production lines during WW2. Stuart Francis has a soft spot for the hard-working winter warrior.

Tasty Tiny Italians

‘Tell us more about small capacity classics!’ you demanded. ‘OK!’ said Stu Thomson, because this just happens to be his specialist subject…

Rebuilding the Wing

Keith Rowles would never have chosen to restore an original Wing but… when fate gives you lemons, it’s time to make lemonade. Or learn how to fix Honda’s flat four…

And there’s lots more, as well as the regulars, including: We’ve Got Mail!, Pub Talk, Ollie’s Oddjobs and Tales from the Shed.

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