PREVIEW: March issue of Classic Bike Guide

Sam Hewitt
February 23, 2021

Is the single half Vincent Comet as good as the twins? Find out in the March issue of Classic Bike Guide magazine.

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Yet again, Classic Bike Guide magazine has everything you need to buy, sell, ride and restore your classic bike!

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Hubert Auriol

We lost ‘The African’ in January, a big man who won the Paris Dakar twice on a bike and once in a car, before helping to run it for years.

Vincent Comet

Martin Hughes-Games looks at two reviews of the Vincent single, then rides one himself to see who is most right. Do they deserve to sit in the shadows of the twins? 

Happy 100th Birthday Moto Guzzi

The Italian marque has made it, just, to 100 years old. Bellisimo!


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