Show Us Yours: Steve Roake’s Kawasaki Z650

Sam Hewitt
October 17, 2018

Check out Steve’s Kawasaki Z650! Want to see your pride and joy in our magazine, on our website and on our social media pages? Then fill in the form here>> 

Now here’s a funny story: back in the 80s I always wanted a Kawasaki Z650 but couldn’t find one, so I ended up with a very nice Suzuki GS550ET on a V-reg which did me proud for 50,000 miles and 14 years. This is now in the process of being restored by a close friend who bought it off me: so there was unfinished business with the Kawasaki as far as I was concerned.

Now 55, I’m starting to think what I’d have in my garage for when I retire and clearly the Kawasaki would go nicely alongside my K1300GT.

Whatever I spend it will only go up and the market price for a good one seems to be £3000-£4000. When I saw one on eBay for £1400, I bid £2000, and won! As a composites engineer of 30 years I’ve worked F1 teams and when the guy who was selling the bike told me he was in Winchester near the River Itchen, it rang bells with me as I knew Ross Brawn lives down that way and lets fishing clubs use his land. He is so generous he even lends them the keys to the house to make teas and coffees and use the loo! Turned out the seller lives on Ross’ land and is his fishing estate manager. Small world!


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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt is the Digital Content Editor at Mortons Media Group.


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