Show Us Yours | 1977 Kawasaki KH400

Sam Hewitt
August 7, 2019

Check out CMM reader Alastair Hill’s 1977 Kawasaki KH400.

This is what he had to say about his ride: “I bought this KH400 A4 as an American import after a pre-breakfast message from my girlfriend’s dad suggesting that I take a look at it. A week later and it was sitting in my garage! Thanks to his eagle eyes seeing past the period airbrush artwork, I had stumbled on to somewhat of a diamond in the rough.”

“All the chrome was in pretty good nick, exhausts had no holes and it had low miles to boot. Only a few minor parts were missing, some of them easy to get, others like the baffles I made up myself, copying original designs as well as I could.”

“Then after a good cleaning, polishing and a lick of paint later it’s running away good as new, ready in time for the NW Triples Rally in May. Turned out pretty well for something about twice my age.”

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Sam Hewitt

Sam Hewitt is the Digital Content Editor at Mortons Media Group.


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