Tiny Tina and the Supermarine Scimitar

January 9, 2023

Details on this photo are sparse, but the naval pilots of the Supermarine Scimitar look to have been drafted in for a promotional photo to push the Triumph Tina. I wonder if they were offered one of the scooters in return?

The Tina was designed by none other than Edward Turner to fill a gap in the range for those just wanting simple transport. Triumph already had the Tigress with a choice of two-stroke 175cc or four-stroke 250cc engines, but the Tina was aimed at being easier still to ride and own, with a twist-and-go gearbox and small 100cc engine. It was lighter, too – to help tackle the Italian scooters being sold. Aimed at the lady, not only were handsome pilots brought in, but Cliff Richard was also used in promotional shots!

The Tina lasted only four years, with its successor, the T10, lasting a further five.

The Supermarine Scimitar fared little better. Designed for aircraft carriers, it was never leaps and bounds better than the opposition, and more than 50% of the 76 made crashed – some with fatal consequences.

It was the last plane to bear the Supermarine name, the maker of the Spitfire.

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