The H1 triple: Kawasaki's outrageous game-changer

December 16, 2015
With a standing-start quarter-mile dash in 12.4sec, and 111.6mph, the 500cc Mach III was a stunning performer.

If there’s one motorcycle that defined the change in attitude towards the world of two-wheeled transport, then it has to be the Kawasaki 500 triple.

Yes, the CB750 is the world’s first Superbike and proved to be a game-changer.

However, it was the feral two-stroke triple that actually began the move away from bikes purely as a means of transport and sent them into what is nowadays referred to as the leisure industry.

And to add the hedonistic hydrocarbon-fuelled hyperbole, there was never a genuine commercial reason for Kawasaki to make the H1 or even motorcycles for that matter!

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